Quality Ingredients

Egypt Farms uses only the best quality earth ingredients in our mixtures. High-quality sand from the shores of Maine to Virginia provide a distinctive look while post-consumer, recycled content ensures proper stewardship of our natural resources. All of our sources have been tested and approved by the United States Golf Association and the Sports Turf Manager Association recommendations and guidelines.

In addition, each new season at Egypt Farms provides the opportunity to review and evaluate new products designed to enhance our abilities and offer the best for our clients. This includes high-organic shredded topsoil, double-shredded hardwood bark mulch and pH-balanced custom soil mixes. Egypt Farms also offers traditional seasonal products to meet specific commercial or private needs.

Custom Blending

Beyond providing standard soil mixes, Egypt Farms meets specific project specifications and provides on-site matching of existing soil profiles. These custom blends offer specified benefits such as minimal divoting, soft surfacing and drainage. We put the customer in control of the ideal surface for their intended use.